What is the EIN?

What is the EIN?

The European Ideas Network is an open pan-European think-tank process designed to promote new thinking on the key challenges facing the countries of the European Union. Sponsored by the EPP Group, the largest political group in the European Parliament, the network was launched in the summer of 2002 and has rapidly emerged as an important meeting-point and intellectual cross-roads for the centre-right in European politics.


Summer University, Lisbon, 2005











Summer University, Lisbon, 2005

With an active membership of around 3000 policy-makers and opinion-shapers across the European Union, the EIN brings together politicians, businessmen, academics, policy advisers, think tankers, journalists and representatives of civil society who share a common outlook Europe-wide, as well as outside non-party experts and commentators interested in the public policy issues being addressed. The network offers a unique forum in which to develop innovative ideas about the policy challenges facing Europe in the years ahead and to evolve practical solutions to help to address them.

The EIN operates through six working groups on broad policy questions and a large annual conference - the EIN Summer University - normally held each September. The network also serves as a framework for national think tanks and political foundations of the centre-right to work together at European level. Currently 264 such organisations are associated with the EIN in this way.

The policy statements contained on this website are generated by working groups within the European Ideas Network. As such, they do not necessarily represent the views of all EIN members, nor are they official positions of the EPP Group which sponsors the network.

Aims of the European Ideas Network:

  • Promote new ideas and exchange best practice on how to address the social, economic and foreign policy challenges facing Europe today;
  • Broaden the vision and experience of policy-makers and opinion-shapers, so that issues are seen in a wider, more global context;
  • Operate on a deliberately Europe-wide basis, to allow access to and exchange of thinking not always available in a national setting;
  • Strengthen the collective intellectual resources of, and improve the quality of policy-making within, centre-right politics in Europe;
  • Involve centre-right think tanks and political foundations more closely in the evolution of policy and offer them a framework in which to cooperate more effectively at European level;
  • Reach out to people and groups not otherwise involved in party politics, especially by encouraging the younger generation to participate in political argument and debate;
  • Organise conferences and seminars across Europe, backed up by a conscious strategy of exploiting new technology to promote the exchange of ideas.

Network Centre

The European Ideas Network is organised, administered and funded by the EPP Group in the European Parliament. The Presidency of the Group appoints its Chairman and assigns staff support to its operations.

Vice-Chariman of EPP Group in the EP responsible for the EIN: Paulo RANGEL MEP

The day-to-day activities of the EIN are coordinated by a Network Centre located in the EPP Group Secretariat in Brussels:

EIN Team:
Guillermo MARTINEZ-CASAN, Network Director
Tel : 00 322 283 1456
Fax: 00 322 283 1257
Email : guillermo.martinezcasan@ep.europa.eu

Mafalda CASTRO DE SOUSA, Policy Coordinator
Tel: 00 32 2 28 30659
Email: mafalda.castrodesousa@ep.europa.eu


Maria Rosa LLOVET, Events Organizer and Finances
Tel: 0032 2 2832883
Email: mariarosa.llovet@ep.europa.eu         

EIN Address:

European Ideas Network
EPP Group in the EP
rue Wiertz 60
1047 Brussels, Belgium
Email: epp-ein@ep.europa.eu 

Fax: 00 322 283 1257