EIN joint seminar with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on :“Wealth creation for all - Which policies help to strengthen trust in market economies?”

09 October 2017 to 10 October 2017
Hotel Pestana, Berlin, Germany
15.00-22.00 and 9.30-12.30

The European Ideas Network jointly with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will be holding a seminar in Berlin, on the 9th and 10th of October 2017. This conference will focus on “Wealth creation for all - Which policies help to strengthen trust in market economies?”, with special emphasis on the importance of the Start-up and Entrepreneurial culture, and the situation of middle classes in Europe. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of a market economy. People that take over risks and try to realize their ideas are driving forces of jobs, innovation and wealth creation. Start-ups represent the young and upcoming digitalized side of entrepreneurship. Berlin is among others in Europe one of the most ambitious cities to shed light on that fascinating topic. From a political point of view, the start-up ecosystem combines in a nutshell a mixture of economy, education, innovation, digitalisation and competition policies. The workshop will give an overview on the situation of start-ups and focusses on appropriate policies to help them to grow and flourish and become the SMEs of tomorrow. The Social Market Economy as centre-right approach of the economic and social order provided the promise of "wealth for all" and a broad participation of all societal classes on the fruits of market economy. In the recent years, that idea, especially the stability of the middle class and the fairness of wealth distribution came under question (see e.g. the Piketty Discours). The situation of the middle class is more than a narrative or a sociological issue, it links economic and social wealth with political stability. Therefore, debates on the situation of the middle class and appropriate policies to address that topic will be taken into account in our workshop. Hotel Pestana Berlin Tiergarten Stülerstrasse 6 10787 Berlin-Germany

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